If You're Facing Wage Garnishment and Need Help

If You're Facing Wage Garnishment and Need Help

Nathan A Berneman, APC provides Wage Garnishment assistance in Thousand Oaks, Ca and surrounding areas.

Nathan A Berneman, APC understands that wage garnishment can be the determining factor which turns a a tough financial situation into an impossible one. Many Americans are facing financial struggles with their entire paycheck, but with wage garnishments you're now expected to pay off your debt and live life with a portion of your paycheck being taken from you when money is already tight.

At Nathan A Berneman, APC we understand how unfair wage garnishment can be and we're here to help. We don't want you to suffer or struggle against a system that leaves you with a smaller paycheck, adding more strain to your life and pushing you to the breaking point. With our help, we can find a solution to your financial debt. In most cases, we can get wage garnishments to stop immediately, this includes putting a freeze on most collection actions. In some cases, we can even reclaim money that was withheld from your paycheck within the last 90 days leading up to the bankruptcy filing.

Hiring Nathan A Berneman, APC for your bankruptcy case will provide you with attorneys with the knowledge and experience to level the playing field with big businesses, credit card companies and debt collection networks. We'll assist you in facing wage garnishment from alimony, student loans, credit debt, etc, and provide you with resources that aren't available to most individuals.

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